The Best Straight Razor Kit

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Why Buy a Straight Razor Kit?

At Razor foundation we would generally suggest you try a few products and construct your own set based on your personal preferences – after all, everybody’s face is different! However, there are times when buying a ready-made set is the right choice. If you already know you like each of the items in the set, buying them together is a great way to save money, as buying them individually is likely to be more expensive. Perhaps you are a beginner looking for a ready-to-go kit so you can start shaving straight away. Or perhaps you are looking for the ideal gift set for a manly man. Perhaps you don’t have time to shop for each individual component and want the continence of a kit that’s ready to shave. Either way, a straight razor set can be the ideal solution.

Top Rated Straight Razor Kit Reviews

Looking for the best straight razor shaving kit? As always when shopping for personal care items, a lot is to do with personal preference. However, we have compiled a selection of the best straight razor kits from some of the most popular sets on the market.

Straight Razor Beginner’s Shaving Set

This set is an ideal introduction into the world of straight shaving. It offers everything you need to get going for an extremely modest price at around $70. Geared towards beginners, it comes with 6 pieces. These are: a cow hide leather strop, strop paste, a stainless steel straight razor, a honing stone, a shaving brush and shaving soap. The razor in this set is intentionally not shave-ready so the novice user can practice.

The razor in this set is not of the highest quality, but it does the job. As a beginner you do not want to be damaging an expensive one. Overall we would recommend this kit as a good starting point to practice. The quality is good enough and the price is very reasonable. Once you get the hang of it you can then upgrade to something of higher quality.

Click here for pictures, reviews and prices on Amazon.

DOVO, GB Buckingham & Sons 506B 6/8 Col Conk Straight Razor with Full Shaving Set

This is a luxury kit from a popular, well-known brand. It has already received great customer reviews and is one of our top picks. Costing around $300, it is aimed at people who enjoy and appreciate straight shaving and beginners alike. Grab yourself a bargain as buying all of the items in this set individually would cost a fair amount more. It could make the ideal gift.

In this set you will find a premium Dovo 5/8 straight razor (which is fantastic!), a black case, a leather and cloth strop, a premium brush, shaving soap and a bowl. This kit does not come with a honing stone as included in the price is a free life-time honing service, which is great if you do not want the hassle of honing or you are a beginner. The blade comes shave-ready.

Click here for pictures, reviews and prices on Amazon.

Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set

This is a popular straight razor kit that comes with everything to need to get started. It is popular due to its collection of high quality items (including a brand name razor) for a very reasonable $150. It is a 7 piece shaving set that includes a leather strop, a classical Haryali Fashion London straight razor, a shaving brush, stop paste, soap, bowl and honing stone.

If you want everything you need to enjoy the process from start to finish at a great price then this is the set for you. The blade in this set does not come shave-ready as it is intended for the user to hone and strop.

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Black Straight Razor Double Strop Paste Stone Shaving Set 6 Pcs

This is a 6 piece set costing around $80. It still comes with everything you need to begin straight razor shaving. The kit consists of a leather and canvas strop, stop paste, a Haryali straight razor, a shaving brush, soap and a honing stone.

Despite the low price the set does contain some brand name quality items. The blade is not shave-ready and needs to be honed and stropped prior to the first use.

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5 Pc Straight Razor Shaving Set / Kit

This kit, costing around $70, is a low cost set that contains all that you need to get going with a straight razor. It includes a carbon steel straight razor, case, soap, stone and strop.

You are unlikely to find a complete kit such as this for a lower price. Although it is no frills and does not contain any brand name items, it is still of acceptable quality and is a great bargain for the price, proving to be very popular among customers.

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