Which Safety Razor Stand Should I Get?

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What Makes a Good Safety Razor Stand?

A razor stand is a device used for storing razors and shaving equipment. A good stand will help organise and protect this equipment while helping to make the process of shaving a smooth one (to match your soon-to-be shaven face). It helps make the shaving experience more enjoyable and has the added benefit of saving a bit of time and [in the long run] money too.

When looking for a safety razor stand you need to make sure that it has enough space to store everything you need. If it is not big enough to fit all your equipment then there is little point in using it. Obviously, the most important item it should store is the safety razor itself. Proper storage will prevent your razor blades from corroding and increase their life. This is especially important for carbon steel blades. It is also important to keep your shaving brush in mint condition. If you don’t store your brush properly it will fall apart pretty quickly! A small investment today can save you tons of money by not having to replace your equipment sooner than you expected.

After making sure the stand will house your shaving gear then next important feature to consider is the design. It should provide quick access to your razor while looking great. There are many different types of stand designs so it is important to choose one that looks the part and fits in with you and your bathroom.

Top Safety Razor Stands

Take a look at what we consider to be the best safety razor stands on the market today:

#1 Colonel Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand

Colonel Conk is one of the leading wet shaving brands and they produce some excellent shaving products. Their razor stands are no exception. This particular stand comes with a chrome finish and will look good in most bathrooms. Its sturdy and durable design means it won’t damage easily and will last a long while. In fact, it will probably outlast you!

The simple, yet stylishly classic design will hold a brush and most safety razors – keeping them both aired and dry. It is priced around $20 and for that you get a real quality product. It is so good in fact, that it has an average rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon with nearly 1000 reviews! It is a must have for any true man’s bathroom.

Click here for pictures, reviews & prices on Amazon.

#2 Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Stand from Super Safety Razors

This stand is small and compact, ideal for tucking away in bathrooms with limited space. This small size, however, means you need to be careful to ensure your razor fits properly; razors with long handles may not.

Apart from the compact size, the benefits of this stand include a heavy base to prevent it from tipping over and a rubber bottom for grip. It comes in a chrome finish and is both beautiful and functional – the ideal way to keep your razor and brush dry.

Overall this is a sturdy piece of equipment and is a great buy at just over $20.

Click here for pictures, reviews & prices on Amazon.

#3 Deluxe Stainless Steel 4 Prong Safety Razor and Shave Brush Stand

This stand really is unique with its funky design and its ability to hold multiple brushes and razors. It is designed for experienced shavers who like to have more than one tool at their disposal.

The configurable prongs allow you to store a small brush, a large brush and 2 razors of your choice. It comes with a heavy base for stability and a chrome finish so that it looks the part. It is manufactured from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and will last for years.

Click here for pictures, reviews & prices on Amazon.

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