What Is The Best Shaving Soap?

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What Makes a Good Shaving Soap?

There are a number of things you should think about before you decide which soap to shave with. First, let’s look at what makes a good soap.

Generally, you will want a soap that can produce a lot of lather once whipped. This will ensure the product lasts longer, meaning you need to buy it less often and save money. For the best shave, lather with a firm and smooth texture is what you want. It should provide enough lubrication to soften hairs and enable a smooth, rash-free shave. Given the option, we would suggest choosing a soap that is easy to whip over one that is more difficult.

Scent plays an important part. Just as with an after shave or cologne, everybody’s preference will be different. Some people enjoy strong masculine smells were others prefer a sweeter scent. The design and packaging of the soap is similarly a personal preference. A soap that comes in a thick wooden box, for example, just adds that much more to the whole experience.

Top Rated Shaving Soaps

So, using the above criteria, which soaps did we think performed the best?? Read on to find out.

Proraso Shaving Soap, Eucalyptus & Menthol

Our favourite is one of the most popular and best-selling shaving soaps on Amazon. It is made in Italy and constructed using eucalyptus oil and menthol to give it a strong, distinct scent. Once opened the soap’s aroma will fill the entire bathroom. Most people find the smell and feel of the menthol and eucalyptus refreshing. It both tightens and cools the skin. The new formula is now Paraben-free. Many manufacturers have stopped using this chemical due to its link with cancer.

The packaging consists of a rounded plastic container embodied with the Proraso logo. It uses a pop-off style top and is much easier to handle while shaving than some screw tops that are around at the moment. It is both stylish and functional boasting that trademark Italian flare.

A small amount of this soap will produce a rather large amount of lather so it will last ages – a sign of a good soap. The lather is silky and smooth and the texture is more reminiscent of a mouse than a cream. This fact combined with the refreshing cooling effect of the menthol feels really nice on the skin. Priced at around $10 this soap is excellent value and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better.

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The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Soap

This is a great looking shaving soap that comes in a formidably stylish wooden bowl. It smells fantastic and a very small amount whips into a smooth, plentiful lather. This is a luxury set and as such is a little more expensive than some of the other soaps, but it really does add to the shaving experience.

The lather produced from this soap is one of the best (if not, THE best) you can get. It is stiff and smooth and feels great on your face. The lubrication provided is very protective and helps to create that dream cut-free shave while the sandalwood aspect of the soap helps to create a strong masculine scent. This is one of the best shaving soaps on the market. If you are a serious shaver then it is certainly worth the investment.

This is a stylish-looking soap that comes in a classic looking wooden container. If you can afford to pay a little bit extra it is not one to be missed.

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Col. Conk World Famous Shave Soap

Col. Conk’s products have been some of the leading shaving items since traditional shaving started becoming popular again. This soap is no exception. It is very reasonably priced and offers a great moisturizing shave.

The soap itself is packaged in the easy-to-recognise classic Col. Conk container. It contains avocado oil and Vitamin E and the original scent is a classic masculine bay rum (comparable to the famous old spice. Younger shavers might prefer the scent of one of the other varieties this soap comes in.

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Williams Mug Shaving Soap

Williams Mug shaving soap creates a rich, foaming lather for that ideal shave. It is a lasting lather specially formulated so it won’t dry while on your face. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and scented like a classic man. The soap comes in a hard bar so it is more effort to whip than the other soaps we recommend.

Costing around only $6 for a pack of three, it is the best priced soap we would recommend. It is also one of the most long-lasting. Despite the low price, it is a great product.

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Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Scented Soap

This luxury shave soap is hypo-allergenic and is 10% glycerine. It produces a great lather that is ideal for softening hairs for improved razor glide. It also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. Once whipped it produces an unobtrusive clean scent that smells wonderful.

All of the soaps we have recommended have been long lasting. Van Der Hagen’s is no exception and should last you around a year.

Many people feel this is one of the best soaps they have tried so we certainly thought it was worth a mention!

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