The Best Straight Razor Blades

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Straight razor blades, also known as shavettes, look quite different than ordinary blades, resembling the appearance of a knife. These type of blades offer a much closer shave than traditional razor blades commonly bought today, hence the reason they’re still used to this day. We take a look at some of the best straight razor blades you can buy for these devices.

There’s a variety of shavettes out there, ranging from low to high quality and inexpensive to expensive. When trying to find straight razor blades, look for a blade that’s sharp, durable, and most importantly, is liked by many customers. As a general rule of thumb, purchasing the more expensive razor blades will save in the long run. This is proven by many customers who have tried both expensive and inexpensive straight razor blades.

The Best Straight Razor Blade Reviews

Shark Super Stainless Straight Edge Barber Razor Blades

For a mere price of only seven dollars, one can get 100 half double-edged blades. These blades are extremely sharp, so they offer a close shave. This blade had practically no complaints. However, it’s noted that these work best with thicker shaving creams. They are both very flexible and durable, greatly reducing the chance of accidental cuts.

The double edged blade makes shaving much easier and quicker. Overall, customers found these blades to be cheap, very durable and effective. In fact, many barbers use this blade brand. Even many novices new to using straight blades found them very easy to use without cutting themselves in any way. This is the perfect brand blade to get for those on a low budget, yet want a high quality shave.

Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

These single blades will fit all straight razors, including factory, Dovo, focus and Parker razors, coming in a pack of 100 at a price of seven dollars. Because they’re made from stainless steel, they’re pretty durable. On top of that, ceramic, tungsten and platinum are embedded into each of these blades, along with a polymer coating that greatly increases shaving comfort.

Aside from dulling rather quick, these blades offer a shave like no other when first used. However, this will mainly depend on the person’s hair type. Many customers have confirmed that these blades offer a comforting shave. On the other hand, some don’t recommend these for first-time users.The Derby blades are ideal for those who are somewhat experienced in using straight blades.

Personna Shaper Blades

Priced at eight something dollars for a pack of 10, these USA made blades of higher quality offer one of the most comforting shaves on the market. In fact, the makers of these blades offer a very vague product description because their performance says it all. Virtually every customer was extremely impressed with these blades, saying they were not only sharp, but offered an extremely comforting, easy shave.

A few customers warned to be very careful with these blades, as they’re ridiculously sharp. Not only do they give a comforting close shave, but they’re very slow to dull, with one customer claiming to get an astounding seven to 10 shaves from one single blade. If there’s any downside to these blades, it’s that they’re extremely sharp. The saying “you get what you pay for” strikes very true for this brand of blades. Personna Shaper blades are highly recommended for both novice and experienced users. Hands down, these are one of the best straight razor blades out there.

Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades

Like the previous blades, the Perma-Sharp blades are of the higher quality end, allowing for a comfortable, close shave with a blade that doesn’t dull easy. They come in a pack of 100, priced at around 12 dollars. The extreme comfort can be attributed to each blade’s Teflon coating. They’re noted for being extremely sharp and are commonly used by many barbers.

All of those who tried this product out were extremely satisfied, finding the blade to be overall long lasting, extremely sharp and comfortable. A few claimed these to be even sharper than the Derby blades, saying that they had “zero tug and pull.” Not only are these blades of very high quality, but they’re very inexpensive as well.

Sharp Chromium Single Edged Blades

Coming in a pack of 100 for just a little over seven dollars, these Teflon coated blades are exceptionally sharp and durable. They fit all razors, including Parker SR1, Parker SRW and much more. A barber who’s been in the profession for 27 years said that these are the best blades he’s ever used.

Not only are these blades very slow to dull, but they don’t clog up and have absolutely zero tug and pull, making them excellent for both novice and experienced users. One person who bought a pack one year ago said that he still had an entire 80 left, demonstrating how well they retain their sharpness. The Sharp Chromium single blade is hands down the most effective, comfortable, economical and high-quality blade on the market today.


One may have to try a variety of different brand blades before they find the blade that’s ideal for them, as everyone’s hair type is drastically different. Overall, people get what they pay for. Those new to using straight razor blades should use the higher quality, more costly blades to prevent unwanted cuts and tugs. However, many of the less expensive brands have proven to be effective as well. Even if one swears by a certain blade brand, they should continue to try others, as they just might find one even better.

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