The Best Electric Razor for Men

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What’s the Best Electric Razor?

If you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have time for honing blades and applying shaving cream; if you still need to look and feel good, but quickly, an electric shaver is the way to go. It allows you to dry shave quickly and effectively. However, with so many brands, models and options available it can be hard work to find the best electric shaver. Read on to find out which one is the best razor for you.

What is an Electric Razor?

An electric razor is a shaving implement patented in 1928 (by Jacob Schick) that is powered by a motor and was intended to allow drying shaving. The electrical charge for the motor can come from a battery or be connected directly to the mains power supply. Today, many models will include a rechargeable power cell and will also accommodate a wet shave.

Advantages of Using an Electric Razor

There are many benefits to using an electric razor that you just do not get with other types. Here are a few:

Speed – a shave with an electric razor takes far less time that with a traditional wet shave. A wet shave will give you a much closer shave but the trade off her is that you save a lot of time.

Ease of use – shaving electric is so much easier. You just turn the razor on and rub it around your face. No shaving cream, no careful strokes, no cuts.

Low maintenance – if you use another type of shaver (such as a straight, cartridge or safety razor), you will find you need to maintain or replace the blade every so often. You still need to clean and replace the head of an electric razor every so often, but the work required is nowhere near as much.

Safety – unlike other razors, there is little to no learning curve to use an electric shaver. As mentioned, this means there is far less bloodshed involved when using an electric razor, so your face can stay cut free.

How to Find the Best Electric Razor

There are a number of things you need to consider when looking for the best electric shaver for men:

Price – the initial investment required in an electric razor is higher than cartridge or safety razors. However, the lack of need to replace the blades as often saves money in the long run. As with anything, there is a wide price range available and the more you spend the better quality tool you will receive. You need to know what you are able to afford and then purchase a razor in that price range.

Type – there are two types of electric razors. These are foil and rotary. Rotary shavers consist of a series of heads containing blades that spin around a fixed point, cutting hair entering the blade at skin level. Foil shavers have one large head covered in a metallic foil. They are designed to raise hairs and guide them into the blade, offering a closer shave than the rotary alternative. However, foil shavers do not deal with longer hairs as well as a rotary shaver, so a foil head is best for those who shave daily. If you shave every couple of days, a rotary shaver is probably better suited to you.

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